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So where to begin.


Hi is a good point to start...I'm Mark, and have an interest in military history and WW2. I am lucky that where I live is steeped in War history, Duxford is not too far away, I have the Twin bases of RAF Woodbridge and Bentwaters about 10 minutes up the road, as well as Bawdsey Manor and a dotting of war defence remains around where I live.


Sure visiting War museums etc is all well and good, but I can only imagine, owning a genuine piece of war history is quite exceptional, my interest and eye is drawn towards the Willy's Jeep - I imagine very common for you guys, but I guess to me its iconic, and the simplicity of it is what interest's me the most.


Now unfortunately I don't own a military vehicle, and possible won't for a while, my current house renovation is keeping funds tight, I do hope though, that it won't prevent me from enjoying the site, viewing some great content and hopefully you won't think 'he will soon loose interest'.. sure I won't post much as of yet, as I don't know too much and have no experience, but I will drop in a post here and there to stay active.


So that's me, only other thing I can add is my other serious hobby is pyrotechnics. I do professional firework displays through out the year for a company, but that's for another day :-)


See you all around



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Thanks for the welcome guys. Yes an interesting place...I actually live on the site of a once great airbase....unfortunately developed now, with a few scatters of history left dotted about.

In fact my house is built in the middle of where one of the runways once was!




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