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WW2 Comet Tank VICTOR at War & Peace Revival 2014


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Very, very nice!! And dear old Ajax in the background as well. It would be nice to see both the old girls together!


I read somewhere, can't remember where, that they discovered in the field that the return rollers where hardly necessary on the Comet. Anyone else read that or can add a comment on that?

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the cromwell and comet were next to each other all week on the tank museum pitch, I also managed to get the centurion owner to park next to the comet for a few days so all the british cruisers were lined up. next year we may have a charioteer running as well and if we could come up with a crusader we would have the cruiser tanks lined up from start to finish, i also know the owners of a cavalier and centaur but they won't be ready anytime soon :( but maybe one day !



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Something went wrong... Best video I could get on the day I'm afraid , to John and Rick thank you both for allowing me to explore your wonderfull restorations , a real credit to you both ! Amazes me that chaps like my Great Uncle Ron went into battle in such cramped hot and noisy conditions and faced death on a daily basis and even enjoyed some of it ! Hats off to all tank crews back then and now ! You have my respect and gratitude !

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lol not if you were there ! meteor engined tanks are not very stealthy :-D


I've been away and only just seen the post, so a bit behind the times, but had to say that a Centurion got within yards of our echelon position on Salisbury Plain back in the early 70s without being heard. It approached on tick-over with the wind in the right direction, but I was gobsmacked how it got so close undetected. All things are possible!

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