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Hellow from Tim

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Hi folks I have never seen this board before but I frequent the G503 and the halftrackinfo boards and someone posted a link and now hear I am. I have a white M2 half track that took 18 years to restore and a Dukw that is way way behind with its restoration. I also have an M10 ammo trailer that I have all the parts to but have to do the old sandblast and paint thing. I have been 51 years on this planet, and now find myself the father of twin boys 14 months old at the time of this posting. The older I get the more I find projects tend to get slowed down by life. So by age five I need to have these boys to be Ace welders to help old dad out with the Dukw. Nice to meet everybody and lets enjoy our hobby.

Take care, Tim

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Thanks Toner and Tim it's nice to meet you as well. What kind of vehicles do you guys have? What is the scuttlebut about DUKWs and who is doing a restoration/reskining in England and down under?


I have a couple of Ferrets and working on securing a Universal Carrier at the moment. Search DUKW on this website and you will see some posts that I have put on there of a DUKW for sale in Far North Queensland. Also take a look at this little business that runs, just up the road from where I live. Also check out OZITIM on youtube, and have a look at the Saracen project I ran a few years ago.




Regards, Tim

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