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CVRT J60 - any particular coolant?


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Hi, having got the engine to run with some fuel in the carb, I want to top up the coolant before I go any further. I've had a look on this forum and on the wider web, (and in the manual), but I can't see if there's any particular coolant I should use? Many thanks again, Mike

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Ditto on what timbo said except over here its green.


I would seriously consider draining and filling and bleeding the system or at least get one of the cheap hydrometers that check the coolant quality and freeze point. Over here where we get pretty cold in the winter, its a must.


Unless you have the decks off the easiest way is to pull the radiator hoses off on one end. Remember that in the raised position the radiator is isolated by the trunnion valves and needs to be in the normal position to drain, fill, bleed.


Its great to see you asking all the questions before you bugger it up and there is a wealth of help available here. We all had to and contiune to learn, sometimes the hard way I might add!





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Cheers for the help, I went blue ;) in the end. I won't be changing the coolant now as my priority is to get the beast moved, but it will be a priority when I have the time to give her some proper tlc. Incidentally when I was cruising the web for tips the Army Rumour Service website had a chat about coolant - apparently in service (much higher usage than most of us I guess) failing to change the coolant regularly was a major cause of J60 failures. Mike

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