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Or near it anyway.


Just signed up as I'm researching my Uncle's military career in the Commando's during the Second World War - he was in No 2 Commando and was a Motor Transport driver in 5 troop. I've a long-held ambition to own a war-era Willys or Ford Jeep and that may, or may not eventually come to pass (my fingers are crossed for the lottery :) ). If there's anyone out there with information on all vehicles used by the Commando's in the War then I'd be very happy to receive it as I have very little information as it stands.


Best, Simon

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G'day and Welcome


I got fond memories of Stonehenge as we had several to many in a great little pub in Woodhenge and against better judgement we proceeded in 3 olive drab Pinzgauers to camp at Stonehenge with the Druids. I think that got a bit of a shock and thought the Army was invading :-D


The only downside was the round rock thing was closed the next morning for a private function, well that and the hangover


Didn't know anyone was living in Stonehenge. :rofl:


Living for the day :-D


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Visited Stonehenge a few years ago with a English friend.

I parked the car on the dirt track.

When turning back on the road I nearly killed myself.

Because I'm Dutch I automatically went to the RIGHT side of the road.:red:

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