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70 years on little changes in Normandy

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Whilst visiting the Museum De La Percee du Bocage in Saint-Martin-des-Bescaces near Villiers Bocage in Normandy saw this 1944 picture of a road junction in the village, with a Loyd Carrier, motorbike and Bedford MW in the background and Sherman defending the road, and today very little has changed, modern road signs and lampost, so stood on the same spot as the photographer to take this comparison shot, there are so many places that can still be matched to old pics today



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Now and then, my take, while riding up through Hermanville on 6 June (this weekend just gone), I spotted some photos on the ruin of an old property in the main street, closer inspection showed that they were taken in June 1944 and show the buildings they were attached to, one photo showing a para bike, as I was at that moment on my bike, the opportunity for a then and now comparison occurred. Unfortunately there was a car parked, blocking an exact camera bsahermanville.jpg position, so my effort is from a different angle, but I think you recognise the wall stonework and window, etc.

Regards Gary


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