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Am I the only gun in the village...?

BRDM Driver

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It was quite funny, we had a lot more visitors to our (slightly tatty) CVRT than most of the mega bucks concours winning E-types got! We were lucky to be sat out in an open area as everyone else was rather jammed in together. Some lovely motors there though.


We had a trio of ladies from Thailand who loved the fact that a member of the public could own a tank and said they'd like to take it back with them as there was some trouble at home :cool2:!


Kids faces light up when they get to hold a HESH round too! (PRAC of course!)


Several people started the conversation with "I could do with one of those on my drive to keep the thieving ***** away!" and "no trouble with parking..."


We met a good number of ex CVRT crew and a few serving too. My 'commander' Charlie Chase (of Chally 'Chase Mod' fame) had a great time reminiscing.


Certainly worth the trip and something I'll do again next year, despite getting soaked on the way home. Rain really hurts at 40mph....

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