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Jaap Rietveld Rietveld Auto Parts


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Hi everyone,

have ordered parts before from Rietveld Auto Parts before and had no issues, last month I place an order, paid for and had regular email contact from Jaap, now nothing, no parts delivered and no reply to emails to both his email address`s


anyone know if he`s away, shut down or just ignoring me etc



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Thanks to whoever poked Jaap,

had an email from him this morning, stating he had never received my order and didnt know what I`m on about,

send him the paypal transaction details and that I have his email with quote and total for parts and had a second email saying it was a mistake and he`ll see what he can do


so maybe I`ll get the bits I`ve paid for,

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Why such action. As you know the most important weekend of the last 5 years is coming. Jaap will be there and is not able to answer any emails. I know him for many year and never ever heard any bad things about him. So you will get your bits, only once in the 5 years, not as fast as you are us too.


Happy anniversary

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he has informed me that due to a mistake he cant find said bits, hence no bits, hence no bits to send me, thus leaving option of refund, but thanks for pointing out its an anniversary. Shame my truck cant take part due to over a month of waiting for bits. And at no time have I slated him, just quizzing if he was away, like my first post.

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