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Hello, my name is Neville Ayrton and I have just joined the group. I recently bought an Austin Champ from a fellow member of the Military Vehicle Trust, and recently joined the Austin Champ owners club. I served in the Royal Marines from 1964-69 in 40 Commando in Borneo and Malaya and in other Commando units in the UK. I did serve in the Royal Military Police (TAVR) for 6.5 years in the 1970's. I have been collecting deactivated weapons for some years now, my latest purchase being a Bren Gun Mk1 made by Inglis. I have various other weapons including a Lee Enfield No4 rifle, sterling sub machine gun, SLR , Mauser K98,Skorpion machine pistol, webley service revolver, Walther PPK, Mauser pistol, and other assorted pistols and bayonets. I am in the process of restoring the Champ, which just needs painting as it runs well and appears to have been looked after. I would like to obtain a Bren Gun mount for the vehicle, and am always on the lookout for bits and pieces to bolt on to it. Hope to pick up some tips from other members and look forward to meeting new faces at shows. Thanks

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