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Hello All Stations...

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...This is Paul.


My first experience of militaria and/or military vehicles was when my father took me (very "army-barmy" at the time) to a MVCG(?) (Military Vehicle Conservation Group?) meet at Blackbushe Airport sometime in the 1970s - probably '72 or '73. That day was all over far too soon for me...



Wartime militaria was usually dirt-cheap at the time so I started out collecting webbing. Presently almost all boxed up in storage too far away to access.


Was army-barmy 'til I joined the Parachute Regiment: they cured me of all that! I have to concede that, being Airborne, I don't have a great deal of experience of military vehicles other than in the back of flying ones. Being in the back of Bedford four tonners and in the back (or on the bonnet) of long wheelbase Landrovers is pretty much it. My only experience of MT on exercises was driving about (passenger) in "Dougals" (stripped down, scrimmed-up LWB Landrovers) in West Germany, 1989.


On the run-up to a half century by years, I'm still researching and collecting webbing - it never ends - trials stuff, mainly. Mid-life crisis (I suppose), but I've expanded by researching, collecting and restoring Brit Para jump kit. I one day will take part in a jump from a DC-47...


In 2012, attended "Chestnut Sunday" in Bushey Park, Surrey - a few Willys GPs there (as you all know, real Jeeps!). Love everything about them, especially the sound they make! Doubt that I'll ever afford to own one. More likely would reconstruct a "Dougal" (mid-life crisis creeping in again, perhaps).


I see membership of this forum as an opportunity to expand my knowledge into mil vehicle restoration - and once I have the cash, perhaps indulge myself. In return, I should be able to offer knowledge on Brit webbing/personal field kit for anyone needing to complete the bits and pieces that would add a tad more authenticity to a display vehicle - should it be required.



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