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Remembering our Fallen and those who survived all Conflicts, Anzac Day 2014 Cessnock


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Unsure if this is the best place to post this, so if required please either move it or delete the entire post, ta.

Well what a day weather wise, I awoke @ around 0430hrs to the sight n sounds of the boom crash opera aka thunderstorm, bugger I said to self.

Around 0630 I started to move Land Rovers out from under cover etc and park up waiting for their respective drivers, when it started to bucket down, the open topped vehicles got a drenching.

I watched the storm on the internet and guessed by 1030hrs it would have moved well away and it did, the first Land Rover was away in pouring rain @ 0900hrs to secure our spot for ease of veterans right in front of the Ex-Services club, here they all are, only 7 made it.


the lead vehicle suffered a deflated tyre LHS rear so that needed attention quickly, also a late withdrawal 'Gladys' the S2A 109 Wksp vehicle would not start, unless you poured fuel down the throat of the carburetor, so rather than muck about trying to find huh.gif the why etc again I withdrew it from the parade and contacted a disappointed driver, at this stage I'm unsure why it wouldn't start n run, but I will find out.

The parade got underway right on time 1115hrs


it all went well, no issues except my mate forgot to push the choke home on the gunbuggy it was a tad smokey LOL, anyway here is one of the elderly gents ex RAAF, he really enjoyed his ride as he did last year, he hopes to be able to participate again in 2015


next year 2015 it will be 100 years since the ANZAC legend was created, cheers Dennis

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On a sad note, this Gentleman passed away last week R.I.P after a long battle with C.O.P.D


I will miss his sense of humour and company, R.I.P Alan, :-(:-( Dennis

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