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Hello (again?) from sunny Bristol

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Dave here from Keynsham, Bristol. Consultant engineer with a professional interest in jet engines hence username.


Been a while since I last logged in so having to do a 'first' post again to get back in it seems :embarrassed:! Glad to be back though :-)!

[Edit: may actually have just been me being a spanner and forgetting how to navigate the forum, duh!]


Jeep owner for 2 1/2 years - GPW chassis/Hotchkiss tub/Not sure about engine - was told it was a Hotchkiss block by seller but has a lot of WOF markings, including block, has fibre cam sprocket too (CJ series perhaps?)


Sadly she's been off the road for best part of a year with a lifted valve seat and no time to get round to it :cry:


Finally lifted it and stripping it over the weekend and now its in the shop for a new seat, guides, a couple of valves and a starter ring gear - showed obvious signs of prior 'tinkering' with offending seat... Also had an exhaust valve in place of an inlet valve on pot 3, would this be an issue? (am replacing it any way), and no.2 con-rod was wearing no.4's brg cap and vice-versa :rolleyes:


Hoping to cure the dreadful starting of old too... Few other areas of issue but I'll post in the 'proper' areas for those.


Meant to be taking my lad to Normandy for D-Day week in her so had better get my finger out...:eek:

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