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Paint for Axis Vehicles.

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Hi all.


I am having to paint some vehicles in German colours as shown below:




Does anyone know how to achieve the correct colour for the above.


I have read up on this matter and it would seem the vehicles received a base coat of yellow and then a red / green camo scheme.


I'm not looking for a perfect historical match but would like to achieve similar as per the picture.


Any thoughts chaps?





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There are pages of debates & arguments about the exact shade(s) for Dunkelgelb!



Not helped by crews thinning the paint with different solvents (water meant the paint wasn't wet-proof; petrol worked fine but was in dreadfully short supply) and by different amounts.


My advice is not to lose sleep over it.


I think it was a Tigers in Action book I reviewed for Army Rumour Service late last year had a good chapter on this subject.

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A bit like OD paint on US vehicles.

So many variations depending on the factory colour, conditions of application, thinners, etc etc.


Variations occur and as said before, don't worry too much about it.

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This is what I came up with.




I think it turned out okay -


The purists won't like it but it was done for charity fund raising so allowed!!!


The vehicles in question are the FV433 Abbott and the OT65 Fug.



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