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Plessey Avionics antenna base 5820-99-647-9542 - WHIP needed!

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Whoops, almost certainly a vacuum inside so probably plug fitted in an oven. When I picked it up after removing the plug, I expected to give the base a tap and it to come off, but instead it fell off, hit the deck and pulled the coax out of the connection at the top of the spring! I now need to figure how to remove the socket at the top! Mind you, I wanted to do that anyway as part of my plan!



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Iain, this was easier than I thought it would be......


Removed the 6 screws that hold spring to the red insulator, held nut at top of spring in a vice, gently tapped the screw-in part that holds the connector in place anticlockwise using a punch and hammer. Once this screw is removed the connector can be removed through the base of the spring. And it reveals a nice surprise.... the coax connects into the bottom of it with a BNC plug.


Pics to follow.....

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Spring removed from base:



Unscrew socket retainer by holding nut in vice and tapping retainer anticlockwise with a punch:



Remove socket through bottom of spring:



Pleasant surprise is the BNC plug connecting coax to the socket:



Hope someone finds this useful. In combination with Iain's pictures it sums up all the internals of the Plessey tuner base, which isn't really a tuner at all! I'm going to build a matching transformer into the base of mine and make a modification to the fibreglass whip to get it onto HF just because it's a nice tough base section and quite sexy looking.



Pete M3KXZ

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Thanks - these are fine and I will add them with due credit given. These pics have the significant benefit of missing the distracting carpet in the background of mine!



73 de G0OZS

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HI Folks, bringing this thread back to ask advice on my FFR mounts- Id like some whips to suit but cant find anything with the M12 thread that matches mine. Can anyone offer any advice please? Id like really to use them for CB.

Thank you very much.   




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