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Were Bedford MW engines the same as those fitted in a Chev CMP C15


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they are very similar, Bedford 28hp started off with Chevrolet derived engines in the early days but then developed them themselves and improved the engine is some ways.

some differences are the capacity Bedford is 214 cubic inches where as the Chevrolet is 216.

the Bedford has full pressure oil system the Chevrolet has "dippers" on the big end bearings.

Crank shaft Bearings in the Chevrolet are babbit type bearings and need to be shimmed to the correct clearance, Bedford uses different sized standardized white metal bearing.

i think the Chevrolet has a rear main oil seal (rope) the Bedford does not from memory?

oil line to cylinder head passes through the water jacket on the Chevrolet, it goes directly to the head on the Bedford

The side panel covering the push roads etc on the Bedford engine only goes up the base of cylinder head, the Chevrolet it goes to the top of the head and shrouds the spark plugs.

different water pump, thermostat etc.


there are no doubt many more differences, many people prefer the bedford engine due to its superior oiling system and being easier to rebuild. The Bedford 28hp was developed further after the war and was called the 214, they got a lot more hp out of the essentially the same block.


Hope that helps

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The fitting of the Bedford 28hp engine to the Chevrolet was a post war thing the picture attached is of the firepower museums example just after it had under gone work at the museum of army transport which included a repaint

a hole had been cut for some reason in the bonnet to give access to the radiator cap

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A few years ago I rebuilt an 11 cab quad and a bedford 28 engine would not fit in due to the length of it I would of had to move the front grill and radiator forward. they will fit in 12 and 13 cabs though as the rad etc is farther forward thats what i found when I rebuilt a 13 cab c60l and a 12 cab quad....

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In my Cab 13 Chevy, an army recon Bedford 28hp engine is fitted including the Bedford clutch and flywheel. The Chevy bellhousing and gearbox remain complete. It's pretty much a straight swap, with only the front crossmember needing a section removing to allow the sump to sit in.


I've taken some pictures for you today, since it's in a convenient stage of strip down. Hopefully they show what you need to know reasonably well.








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