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Paint found on Tilly resto


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Thought you camo junkies might be interested in this selection of paint I've found on one of the Austin Tillys i just bought.


This is the original base colour found on a selection of parts:

Chassis/axles - Black

Instrument panel - black

Cab - black

Doors - green

Interior of roof (split cab version so Feb 42 onwards) - green

Inside of wings and louvred side panels - mid war brown

Tailgate - green

Rear body sides - green.


This came from Portugal and loads of Tillys went there after the war. Does anyone know if Austin had a rebuild system which used a variety of parts to make up contacts etc? Of course it could have been assembled/repaired/reassembled at any time i know.

Further to this it has a saloon chassis plate with the G/RQ prefix and not G/YG as per Tilly production.

The '39 model Austin 10 (alligator nose like the Tilly) which the Tilly was based on started production in May '39 and finished sometime in 1941. I wonder if available parts from the civvy models were used into Tilly production at that point? Or maybe all chassis/axles etc were painted black.

Anyway I hope you find this interesting and any info appreciated. Can't find any Austin 10 saloon chassis numbers anywhere, well not for that late model....






and Richard F- yes the Morris C4 W/T is coming along very well!

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