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Help wnated to identify a Rhodesia and BSAP badged tunic


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I know nothing about these two jackets other than they came from the son of a chap who apparently served in some capacity in South Africa during the 60s/70s.

Any help identifying them, and any idea of value would be gratefully received.



The first one has four pockets, each with two buttons and are sqaure edged, reinforced elbow pads and a pen pocket to the upper left arm. It has a lining with a drawstring and the Rhodesia patch as shown.

The second one is more of a shirt in style, with two upper pockets, single button fastening and BSAP slides to the epaulettes.












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I have less than no idea what a 59 pattern denison looks like - i have seen some wartime denisons and neither of these are anything like those. Neither of these have zips and one is more like a heavy shirt than a jacket.



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I'm sorry Neil, i have no idea. The chap who gave them to me was a good friend who was moving to Spain and having a clear out. He knew my interest in 'all things military' so passed them to me. I have no reason to doubt what he told me, or that he believed what he had been told by his Father.

Sadly, a serious motorcycle accident in Spain killed the chap that gave them to me so the trail has gone cold.

The Rhodesia patch looks to have some age to it, but the BSAP slip ons do look very new (NOS rather than printed recently).


Thanks for your help.



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