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Custom Head Gasket


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I'm in the process of of restoring a 1929 Rover Light Six Sportsman's Saloon. Can anyone recommend a company in the UK that manufactures custom Head Gaskets? I have contacted a few companies but they only make gaskets from solid materials & said they can not make a gasket in a soft material which I need for this head.


photo 1.jpg

photo 2.jpg

1930 Rover Light Six Sportsman.jpg

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Just read this thread, here's my penance worth, l have had dealings with a firm called (gasketstogo.com) they are a foreign company, l have ordered all sorts of gaskets in the past from small generator engines to vehicle engines, pricing is very fair and have alway come up trumps for me. It would probably help them if you could give them the old one to use as a template?


regards Michael

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None of the firms mention so far could help,a couple have recommended http://www.dobsongasket.com/index.php/classic-car-gaskets.html

I'm just waiting for a reply from them..


Reading their feature in "Land Rover Owner International Magazine" I'm sure they will be able to help..



Strange.......Johnson gaskets have just done a head gasket for my Leyland light six

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