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Stalwart FFR

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Well my Stalwart arrives Thursday.


Actually my 2 stalwarts arrive Thursday.


One seems fairly complete swimmer, road registered with a clansman radio installed. The other is a rusty non runner and supplied for spares.


the FFR will need commissioning as it has been LGS for several years and has a broken tracta joint as one rear station is not in line with the others.It is dry inside the load cover has worked well and starts on the button.


hope I don't regret it....

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I heard that they mounted the wheel station to a support rig and then fitted the vehicle to the wheel station. :cool2:   trevor

Caption contest?!!   Stollies making love in the open air...:red:

Hi there if you embrace the discipline of reversing 2 vehicle lengths after you have been driving on the road you will preserve the rest of your tracta joints and bevel gears.   You will save yourse

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exciting, things to check apart from everything are the brakes and the condition of the flexible hoses to the brake calipers, they perish and fail suddenly...dangerous..

obviously all the oils, and dont ever think of anything in her other than hydraulic oil..brakes clutch throttle and steering...and you wont go wrong....

I would check the relay valve at the rear to ensure it is working properly (brake light )...if not isolate and fix a new mechanical brake light switch, or replace with new troublesome relay valve...


air leaks abound on the old girls and the steel pipes are rotting now...I would clean them out as soon as possible and spray a bit of wd 40 into it to keep it all lubricated...


If it hasnt been done already I would send the dizzy off to jolly engineering and go electronic ignition, it works a treat and makes her a lot more reliable...


apart from that and as i said checking everything have fun with her...dont ever forget to take out the bungs after a run, and to lock the clutch pedal down so that the plates do not stick together...


oh and always check tyre pressure before you go out on a run, will save the tracta joints and bevel boxes a bit...


its not an easy job changing the hub tracta unit so good luck with that, have a heavy duty engine hoist ready, makes things a bit easier instead of a jack...

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I cant find it now but I remember seeing a photo showing the B47 (Larkspur) or RT353 (Clansman) mounted low down at the left side of the cab - possibly vertically or at an angle so the control panel faced upwards. As to where the TUUAM and ARFAT needed with the 353 went I have no idea. I assume that if the Stalwart was around long enough after 1976 for an official conversion programme from Larkspur to Clansman there will be an EMER available under FOI that documents it in great detail.


I see Clive FV1609 and Artistsrifles said they had documentation of the Stalwart radio installation in thread http://hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/archive/index.php/t-21918.html - hopefully they can advise further




PS Congrats to Lowfat on saving at least one Stalwart; When I was young and lived on a farm I always wanted a Stalwart but as an adult I don't really have the space or the HGV license and most of my use would be on hard roads which isn't really their natural habitat :(



Any pictures of how the radio was fitted. Have found little or no info on this so far. Thanks Ross
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The clansman radio is fitted on the left hand side two similar sized units face up together in a rack. there is another box on the back wall of the cab . I will get some pictures tomorrow.




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Box on the back wall is, I think the crew intercom set - ICB-3 I think. I promised some one a while ago I would dig out my installation manual and copy it (scan it) - still trying to find the damned thing!!

The 353 and DMU both mount onto an anti-vibration mount that bolts to the 4 pads on the angled side of the hull just cab side of the steering levers for the Dowty jets. Power take-off from the vehicle system is the small box under the window on the commanders side.

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just got to love how much there is to learn on a stolly....


what ever you do dont get the heater and the fuel cut off valves at the back of the cab mixed up or you will stop rather quickly...not that i would do that...:mad::angel:

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