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Transport Enthusiast

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Hi Guys & Gals,


I am a transport enthusiast in the East Midlands. My main interest is photography, I am ex RN (FAA). I like to visit events and rallies throughout the country. I travel between the south coast and Tay side. Knocking on a bit, swmbo and I are recently retired from our embroidery business.


I was involved with transport photography at various levels since the 1970s, and attended GDSF between the fifth show and 2000. Converting to digital photography from conventional is proving a bit of a trial particularly on the computer editing side. I particularly enjoy creating series of pictures of vehicles I find interesting. ( I try not to be toooo much of a pest to exhibitors.) I like creating slide shows (on DVD) and also dabbling with video.


I am currently rebuilding my website, the previous one was piggy backed on our business site which is due to close within the next few weeks. (http://www.payjonemedia.quite-contrary.co.uk) I will post the new address when I get to a reasonable spot in its development.


I expect I will need to ask advice from time to time as I am not very knowledgeable, please be kind.


Wishing everyone whatever their interest an enjoyable show season.



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