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Sparing plugs RS5-7R and SRL14


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I am a new MK2 ferret owner in the USA,,,here in the great state of Alabama.

I recently bought two remanufacture Pig b-60 engines with AC dizzy in crates from a car collector .

I found two packages of 6 spark plugs in the crates,,,,,SRL14 and RS5-7R..

My ferret is running with RSN13p..thinking about changing my lucas dissy to the AC dizzy with its new coil. and plugs.

What are the best plugs for a b60...with a AC dizzy or the lucas Dizzy..

Any info will help


Larry in Alabama

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Changing from the Lucas to the AC Delco distributor is fine. But there is a major problem:


The Lucas distributor uses a pair of identical contact breakers, which are not difficult to obtain.


The AC Delco uses a contact breaker that is the mirror image of the other. One is obtainable but the other is not.


As for sparking plugs if your engine is all tuned up nice & behaving itself & you don't use the choke (I have removed my choke cable) then I run RSN13P but if you find they carbon up & you want the heat to burn it off (because the tip protrudes more) many like to use RSN12Y.


I'm not familiar with using RS5-7R

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