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more information on my champ project


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Hi All,

Thought i would post pictures of my project its been moving pretty slowly latley as i am or we are expecting an addition to our family in a few months . So here's just a few pictures.

So far i have stripped most of the silly things taht someone has put on the vehicle like an air horn and square indicator lights .

I have doen esome brake work ,stripping down the master cylinder and each wheel cylinder ,replaceing the flexible hoses that go feed each cylinder. Brakes west Perth $ 200 for the four made up with protective spring included .

Replaced all the seals on the brake cylinders ,although the master cylinder seal kit from champ spares UK did not come with the re - cuperating seal included ??

After two weeks of trying to find out why my brakes did not work i call power track in the UK ,sent them a photo of my original master cylinder parts ,and they told me that i had been sold an incomplete seal kit.

So i had to purchase another seal kit from them which im assured contains the re-cuperating seal ,about a week away i hope .


I ahve replaced the two 12 v batteries and am just getting ready to do the spark plugs ,oil filter ,fuel filter ,condenser ,distrbutor and oil up a few different parts two so cant wait .

Unfortunately i dont have an original front bumper on my champ its something someone has made up so obviously does not have the crank handle guide on it ,such a pain as could have really used it as i had a fl;at battery last week . ah well another thing for my wish list .

i plan to strip the roll bar also just havent had time.

i have included some close ups of the snorkel agin i dont think origianl just something someones added later .


Ps why are the brakes on a champ such a pain in the bum ha ha .







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just some more pics ,master cylinder is shown with original round clear seal on the right ,now stuffed of course ,lets hope i have better luck in the coming weeks with my project,it has been very enjoyable so far although the weathers been really really hot ,does nt help when you burn your hands when you pick up a spanner ouch

Austin Champ 1955 master cylinder parts.jpg


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