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Hello from the Land of Enchantment

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Hello HMVF Members from New Mexico:

I have definitely caught the restoration bug after doing my first project close to four years ago with a 1943 741 Indian. I have been a life-long motorcycle kind of guy, but my passion for motorcycling has exponentially increased with these old war machines, which now include a Type VII 42WLA, a 1943 BSA WM20, and by next week a 1943 military James ML. There is a wealth of knowledge displayed in the posts herein and I hope to draw upon it and in doing so meet other folks like me that are simply crazy for these ol' war horses. I do recognize the names of many HMVF members already from other forums. Hello from Doc; I hope to meet many more of you guys along the way.


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welcome on baord and what a nice collection! And you are in the right part of the world to enjoy using them :-D
WELCOME ! i had an indian and an m20 many years ago, i bought the indian sight unseen as the seller described it as a HARLEY. GEARSHIFT ON THE TANK ETC.....but i loved it even more !!!
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:) Hey good to see another olive drab fan. I was in Albuquerque for a couple of weeks on a training course a few years ago. Very nice place. Vintage military motorcycles are great. Ive always wanted to get a nice old wartime WLC though it has eluded me so far.

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