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100ft aerial no5 za27624 for sale


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I have not been to any shows etc for some years so don’tknow what to set the price at, I don’t want to put it too high or sell them fornothing. I’m hoping to have time to go to Stoneleigh this weekend and get someidea, then as and when I have time I’ll be listing everything with prices.

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100ft aerial no5 nos for sale on ebay. also have other radio equipments I'm putting on ebay next month some of which are below. if you need anything just ask as I may have it (NO SETS) and you can always make an offer.


Item 1: Larkspur power lead, not sure which size from the photo.

Item 2: Larkspur elevated aerial base (goes on top of 27-ft telescopic mast) for VHF sets.

Item 3: Wireless Set 62 power cable (battery to set)

Item 4: Leads, Counterpoise No.2. (Earth subtitute for when you're on concrete of desert/dry soil, etc.)

Item 5: Aerial Base No.8 (WW2-era HF base, replaced by Aerial Base No.10 as soon as possible!)

Item 6: Aerial Base No.28 (Larkspur VHF base)

Item 7: Charging set cable, probably from the 60 watt pedal generator kit used with the WS62, but general purpose.


(This is a lot easier than Clive's brain-teasers.) :)



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