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Albion CX22 - A Few Pictures of my Dads old Albion - Big Bertha

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Hi All

I thought i'd post a few pictures of my Dads old Albion CX22s, Big Bertha. My father ran a recovery business from Farnham and covered the Alton Aldershot and Guildford areas. He was also a visitor to the many steam rallys and carnivals in the area.




Albion CX22s

Albion CX22.jpgAlbion CX22s

Albion cx22s Big BerthaAlbion CX22  3.jpg

Albion 1.jpg

Albion CX22 001.jpg

Albion CX22  11.jpg

ALBION CX22  JA Wolverson.jpg

Albion CX22  6.jpg

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Lovely, thanks for sharing. Have always been a favourite of mine, shame there are so few left!



I'm trying to find few more photos, I have fond memory's of this Albion my father would take me and my 2 brothers out with him on recovery jobs when we were very young, and when it was in the yard we would climb all over it. As I got older I got to drive it recovering such vehicles as an over turned JCB and a Volvo F88 that took to a ditch one night. Skippypete

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Thanks for the link, i know most of the Albions on the Albion CX22s web page, my Dads one went to the Reme but no one can help its very strange. Ive been told the best thing to do is get hold of the trustees of the reme museum that will be my next step. I did e.mail Landyandy but im not sure got my e.mail, i was told he worked for the Reme. i will find it in the end. Thanks again skippypete

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May be coincidence, but click on the history of the one from Southern Ireland at the bottom of the list



Yes, I noticed that as well.


i wish you luck. I've had the same problems with donations to museums. Unfortunately, first refusal when they lose interest in donated items doesn't exist, but there isn't much you can do.

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Hi all

can you please take another look at the pic's of my fathers Albion cx22s its out there some where, i know it was sold by the REME or should i say it was sold by some one in the REME so please take another look. Thanks Skippypete


You could try contacting the Albion Archive with the chassis number and see if they are aware of its fate. info(at)albionarch(dot)org(dot)uk.

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Hi everyone

Im still looking for my fathers Albion cx22s I've had one small bit of luck I have found the old MOD number for it 07 YZ 92 im hoping this may help. Skippypete


FYI YZ is for pre 1949 army B vehicles rebuilt that year.


One on ebay currently: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/albion-cx22s-1944-vintage-classic-scammell-foden-erf-atkinson-diamond-t-aec-/221672345444?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item339cb38f64

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