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Hi all,


I'm Glen and a total newbie to forums so apologies now if I get it wrong - more experienced guidance is always appreciated!


I live in Worcester now but come from the North-east of England and, while I have no military experience or vehicles owned, I am researching LCT (Landing Craft Tank) as my grandfather was part of the team who built the prototype at the Hawthorn Leslie yard at Hebburn (Tyneside). He died in 1994 just a few days after the D-Day commemorations which I watched on tv with him and my father when he told us (again) of the story of how they struggled to get the ramp to fit square. Apparently every time they dropped the ramp the frame bent and so when raised it wasn't watertight. The RN / Admiralty came to view the problem and decided it wasn't serious as they didn't expect them to make more than one run anyway! My father appeared to have never heard this story and hadn't a clue that my grandfather had built prototype LCT Mk1.


I'm in the process of compiling a compendium of reports, data, history and anything else I can find so I am looking for anyone with photographs/documents/plans/first hand experience of LCT Mk1 (30 produced in various yards) who would be willing to copy their information or experiences to me for inclusion.


Any help or guidance gratefully received.


Many thanks,



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