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Welbike Scammer on Craigs list


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I may be wrong about this but I doubt it!!


I got quite exited about an original looking welbike that I had just found posted on Craigslist Belfast (I had just google'd welbike for sale, as I often do on the off chance) http://belfast.craigslist.co.uk/mcd/4156108333.html then it dawned on me that it looked rather familiar and I remembered this one sold on ebay in Aug this year... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1942-MkII-Excelsior-Welbike-british-airborne-forces-WWII-paratroopers-bike-jeep-/221268350615

Buyers beware..

Did anyone enquire about it... Apparently it was found in a Barn that I assume was in Herts, but also in this guys Uncles garage in Belfast two months later... Maybe the Uncle bought it, put it in his Garage to restore but died before he got round to it, from where it was found by his nephew after the funeral to then put on Craig's list..


If by any chance you live in Belfast and your Uncle has just died and who happened to be a WW2 military vehicle enthusiast... I am truly sorry!

Regards Chris

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