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Sherman II (M4A1) El Alamein Oct. '42


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Hello Sherman aficionados,


I apologize if this is inappropriate for this forum, but....



I need help with my model of the October 1942 El Alamein Sherman II (M4A1). My plan is to build this tank of "B" squadron 3rd Royal Tank Regiment.

My questions:

(1) Was the demarcation between the camo colours hard (brush painted) or soft (sprayed)?

(2) Which type of the two grouser bin / gas tank vent covers on the upper hull at the back of the tank should I use? The choices are rounded or squared off covers.

(3) The engine deck has depressions at the far corners next to the engine access door corners. Dragon have parts to fill these if the modeler wishes to. Which, if any, should I use?

(4) Were three perpendicular straps across the back of the box attached to the rear of the turret usually used?

(5) should I add the lifting loops on the suspension bogies? And If so should they face up or down?

(6) Any other suggestions and points to make the Oct. '42 Sherman II better would be much appreciated. Thanks for taking a look at this and for any help you can offer.






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