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Greetings from RAF Northolt

Graf Zeppelin

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My name is Phillip and I am the volunteer Restoration Team Leader restoring the 11 Group Battle of Britain Sector Operations Building at RAF Northolt. We are now in year 3 of a five year restoration programme returning the building to as it was in June 1940. The building was the prototype for the development of the Dowding System between 1936 and 1939 and so is of considerable historical importance, the birthplace of integrated air defence. Sadly due to it being Top Secret during its development years there are no known photographs which has required us to do a forensic type examination of the building to establish layout etc. Fortunately we do have access to 1930s correspondence and drawings which helps. All being well the building will be ready for 2015 which is the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain and co-incidentally RAF Northolt's 100th Anniversary.


The project gets no public money support for the restoration relying on donations and my efforts at fundraising. Having said that the Polish Air Force Association made a very generous donation 3 years ago enabling us to re-install new 1920s pattern Crittall windows.


To complement the building we have a 1943 Bofors 40mm QF and a recenly acquired 1940 Hillman Tilly.

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