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Bedford OY new project.


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Hi Bill,


Dont forget to forward your Engine number toooo...:cool2:






Hello Bill,


You got your o type :drive:.


It's got early engine side panels, whats the chassis number? Has it got the early gauges?



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Got one in the end john! I'll check the chassis number when I get up the yard, I had to work Friday 9 till 7am, jumped in the lorry and went, what was a 3 hour journey turned into. 4, an hour loading and then another 3 getting home, the OYs still on the back of the lorry, just dropped it of and went home,:yawn: Going up tomorrow I'll get some more pictures etc, and I'll get the engine number Lois :).



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Hi louis the engine number is 910? What does that mean mate?, and I've applied for the log book, does any one no the age of it?, john the chassis number is 28034


Has it ever been registered???

If not you will need a verification letter from a club to help with getting an age related number and Historic Vehicle status

Also agree with Wally about its date of manufacture from the chassis number, I would however expect the older type of dashboard (speedo that goes the other way round etc)

However there is no telling what happened if the vehicle had been rebuilt at some stage in its life, does it have a plate on the n/side chassis rail just behind the cab. This will give its post war military census number and if its been rebuilt

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BILL as to your engine it may have been changed a few times while in service so the engine number will tell you very little

some where on the engine block there may be still a rebuild plate telling when the engine was rebuilt l see the remains of the lvt code oh by the way bill you are suposed to put petrol in not take it out nice truck


well done again BILL



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