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The Yorkshire wartime Experience 4-6th July 2014

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Not long now until the gates open. Now the Norths Biggest Military Vehicle/Re-enactment Show 4-6th July http://www.ywe-event.info latest Military Vehicle count stands at 358, inc Many rare US & British Types. Over 40 pieces of Armour & over 50 Re-enactment Groups on display. We will be building the biggest, D-Day encampment ever re-created incorarating an Field Hospital, Cinema, barracks, command posts, Ammo, fuel & stores areas. Incorarating only original kit & vehicles. The ww1 Trench has now been extended, with more iconci ww1 vehicles & re-enactment Groups booked in. Over 50 trade stalls, two large scale Battle re-enactments per day. An action packed day for all the family.

Only two miles from Juction 26 M62 Motorway Sat NAV post code BD4 6RN

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A few of you, have asked for a list of some of the military vehicles booked into this years show.

Well here's a small selection, of the 359 Military Vehicles currently booked in.


British Wartime

Albion A10 1916

Crosley RFC 1918

Special Motortrycicle 1918

Austin Tilly

Hillman Tilly

Standard Tilly

Austin 7

Austin 8

Austin 10

Austin K2 Ambulance x 2

Austin K2 Tender

Austin K4 Fire Engine

Austin K6 GS

Bedford MW x 4

Bedford MWR

Bedford Aeroscreen x 2

Bedford OX

Bedford OYD

Bedford QLD x 2

Humber Box x 2

Wot 3 GS

Gut Ant 15cwt

Morris Commercial CS8

AEC Matador x 4

Rare Standard JAB Jungle Buggie

Daimler Dingo x 2



American Wartime

M2 Halftrack

M3 Halftrack

M3A1 Halftrack

M16 Halftrack

M3A1 White Scout Car x 2

M4A1 Sherman Tank

M8 Armoured Car

M18 Hellcat TD

M29 Weasel x 2

M24 Chaffee Tank

M36 Jackson TD

T16 Carrier


Mack NO

Marmon-Herrington M426 Tractor


German Wartime & Repro

Kublewagen x 2


Steyr Truck

Horch Type 40 repro

Opel Blitz Truck x 3


Goliath 303

SDkFZ222 repro

SDKFZ 251 (OT810)

Panzer 111 repro

Stug 111 repro


Russian Wartime

T34/85 Tank

Gaz 67B

Gaz AAA Truck



Russian PT76 Tank

Russian BTR40

Russian BRDM x 2

Russian Gaz 46

432 & 436

Abbot SPG

Sabre Tank

Scorpian Tank

Stalwart x 2

Hummber Wireless Truck

Ausin K9 Truck

AEC Militant x 3

M35 Reo Gun Truck

Berna 2-VM

Zil 131 Truck

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Hi John,


i very much doudt it, as both stage 1 & 2 are a fair distance away from the show. The only problem visiters may face, would be the M62 Motorway. There are several B roads to the site in any case. And yes where pleased to say the T34/85, will be attending again this year. Along with 45 other pieces of Armour !!!

weve now recieved 371 military vehicle, and 70 Re-enacent Group bookings, which is incredible, considering this is only our 3rd year.




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Not long now mate. Where also building the biggest ever recreation of a ww2 American camp. c/w motor pool, cinema, chapel, showers, officers & enlisted men camps, ammo, fuel dumps & stores areas. Not to mention, a massive field hospital & command tents c/w fully working signal/radio equipment. 4-6th July http://www.ywe-event.info

Good job we've hired a scissor lift.



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Is the Tour de France going to give any grief re the approach roads to the site do you think?




Stage 1 on the Saturday shouldn't interfere as I guess most exhibitors will be there by then, but if you're coming from North of Bradford the route goes Leeds - Ilkley - Skipton then up Wharfedale, so be aware. Stage 2 on the Sunday comes across the A59 and down from Ilkley to the West of Bradford via Keighley, Hebden Bridge and then to Sheffield.


Anyone who is worried there's an interactive map of closures etc. at http://letour.yorkshire.com/travel/travel-information-map

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Alls looking good on site, today with several military vehicles already here, inc two Tanks. Marquee now going up, and a start has been on building of the massive ww2 American Re-enactment camp. Tomorrow is going to be very busy, with 44 of the 70 Re-enactment Groups/Displays expected on site. With the rest arriving Friday. http://www.ywe-event.info




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Another show four page write up, is in this months Classic military vehicle magazine. Issue no 162.

On another note, the show has just been given a rare ww2 RAF 2 x axle towed fuel bowser. The Centurion BARV, has also arrived, on long term loan. So yet another, rare piece of Armour, to see running around the arena next year.

2015 new show dates 3-5 July http://www.ywe-event.info

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With next year 2015 being the 75th Aniversary of both operation Dynamo (evacuation of Dunkirk) and the Battle of Britain. We're looking for assosiated wartime vehicles, equipment & re-enacent groups, to put on a large combined. display. If your interested please get in touch. Next years dates are the 3-5th July 2015 http://www.ywe-event.info



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