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Combat Engineers Tractor CET180 at Witham


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Has it ever been used?

The way governments waste my tax money........:mad::banghead::angry


They have all been used at some point in their lives, and have all been rebuilt at least twice. Of the 4 in this tender 2 have been rebuilt / class 1 repaired 3 times. A number of CETs served in Gulf war 1 and had a pretty hard time there (so did the crews, trying to keep them running !), most of them seem to have been rebuilt in 1986.

What you see for sale today are CETs rebuilt in 2003/4 at ABRO Bovington and then placed in storage at Ashchurch until about 18 months ago when they were all moved to Withams. There are about 40 more to go yet.


Oh and by the way, in 1976 they cost us £1m each and we bought 144 of them!

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