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MV collector on TV programme - online

Richard Farrant

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There is a MV collector in Victoria, Australia called Ron Fry, he has written articles for Military Machines in the past. Earlier this week a TV programme was screened in Australia where they visited Ron's collection. The programme is sponsored by the leading vehicle insurer over there, who actively support vehicle events of all kinds, and this link is to their website, where you can see the programme online;



Towards the end there is a restored M3 Stuart running round, see if you can recognise what engine it has ...... and no help from the locals please :D.


cheers Richard

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The interior of the Stuart appears quite roomy. I assume that there was plenty of ammo storage originally, but should the turret have a basket? I don't really know much about them.





As I understand it, many crews removed the turret basket because it's a small tank and it got in the way.


The tank was designed to have left and right machine guns, hence the nice amount of space left and right of the hull. On many you can see the round covers where the machine guns would have been. That space was then used for radios and stowage.


You can see the round covers on this one - http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/b/bf/Stuart_tank_2.JPG

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