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HELP! My space bar doesn't work....


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On a more serious note, if you're on IE and (like me) don't want to change to a different browser, you can always try



  • compatibility mode (click on the "broken page" - looks like a mountain range next to the circular arrow in the address bar at the top of the page), or if that doesn't work
  • one of the other editors
    1. click "settings" at the top of the web page,
    2. click "general settings" under My Account on the left hand side of the web page
    3. scroll down to "Miscellaneous Settings" and you'll see an option for Basic, Standard, or Enhanced editors.
    4. Once you've selected a different one, click "Save Changes"



    I had big problems with the Enhanced editor, and I've not had any problems since switching to the Basic one (although you don't get nearly as much functionality)

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