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restoration British 1 ton GS trailer.


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Collected the trailer that Ian found for my, there will be a lot off work on it butt will be so nice behind my Bedford QL.




The friend go made the trip with me is really desperate win he so all this rust, butt no panic we repaired worst stuff!






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Hello John, what are cleats? Are do you mean the mudguards.




No Guy, not the mudguards but the cast metal devices bolted along the sides of the trailer for securing the ropes that hold down the load or cover.


I know that finding these cleats, if missing, can be difficult on some other trailers. But you are fortunate as they seem to all be there.

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Now that the trailer is at my place I made a start on it this afternoon. Took the sides off and the axle came from under the chassis, I don't think that the chassis is worth repairing as it is really in a bad state!


Took al the measurements and will reproduce this completely new. I am looking also what I can do with the leaf springs (can you guess these are also in a terrible state).

So plenty off work for the moment!:nut:







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For the moment noting match left of the trailer! Just will re claim the front A-frame and all the rest of the chassis will be made of new iron.


Needed to apply a lot of heat on the suspension and outer bits to unstuck everything.

Tomorrow I start to make the chassis.




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Hello, the replica chassis frame is almost ready. As the original chassis was really bad I did en bother to repair it.

Made a new chassis in the same U profile steel and the only salvageable part was the A frame.


After the frame is ready will supply the chassis and some bits to the sandblasters. The new leaf springs are on order and the side and front metal sheet is also bend and ready for trail fitting .


I still need to find some information about riveting as the sides and re-enforcements are al riveted together, is there anybody on the forum go has some information how this is best don?







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Revived my new leaf springs and made a trial fit and everything aligns very well.


One big pity on the trailer is that there is almost noting left of the identification plate!

Is there some wane that can post a picture how this plate looks like?





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Been adding some bits back to the trailer body.


The nice thing on the side angle iron are the inscriptions on them, so these are a bit rusty but will repair them where needed.



Hi Guy looking good mate, its interesting that the angle iron on your trailer has the makers name and sizes on it where as my trailer is plain metal, also your from corner angles look like they may of been folded as they have round corner section where as mine are very square. Same trailers but different builders ? of perhaps different steel stock as the war went on ?

The 3 photos are your trailer when we collected it.




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Yes Ian, as I said in a previous mail there are small differences on are trailers.

It is a pity that I don't can make anything out off the identification plate.


Things that I noticed on pictures off the 2 trailers are:

The front corners , re-enforcement ribs in the mudguards (your are the same style as my bedford and on mine the re-enforcement is the complete extension off the guard)

The opening in the tail hatch is a square on mine and there is a difference in the lock for this hatch (on the bottom off the chassis)


So if we see al these small deferences I think the trailers where not al bild by the same constructors!


Tailgate opening and locking system under need!



See the mudguard edge.


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In between the work on the Morris C4 i have been working a bit on the trailer. Axle ready to slide under the trailer chassis .[ATTACH=CONFIG]105993[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]105994[/ATTACH]


G'day Guy,


Great job on the trailer, Where did you get the 13" tyres from? I have a Brockhouse-Strausler trailer that should have 10.50 x 13" tyres but I may have to down size to 9.00x13" like yours.


Thanks Rick.

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Hi Rick I got them for Guy a couple of year ago from ToTec Tyres but he no longer sells this pattern then I found another dealer in Manchester England and had the last 2 but it looks like he's got some more back in stock ? https://www.bigtyres.co.uk/tyres.html?a_application=undefined&a_size=&ax_sw=18970&a_construction=&ax_rim=18868&ax_od=&ax_pro=

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