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Fanfare from Twotrombones! GMC Jimmy info...


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Hello to all

Recently joined and thought that I had made an introduction post but guess notQ


I'm up in Harrogate, North Yorkshire and am the new owner of a 1941 GMC 353 Truck (Hard cab)

She's in decent order and will look even better after a proper clean up and new paint job so she's ready for next years series of anniversary trips.


She will be used during the season to help move around a 40's Big Band (the Echo 42 Big Band) http://www.echo42.co.uk

- all RAF'ed up when they are on a 1940's event.


If anyone has any information as to wether Jimmy's were used by the RAF on loan that would be great



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Welcome Paul, ISTR this has been discussed previously and IIRC and the concensus was that GMC's weren't used by the RAF. It is of course perfectly possible that RAF bands may have travelled in US forces trucks but it would need a photograph to prove it.

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