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Who do Hogspears Ebay items go for such stupid/high prices?

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Denison arrived and happy to say apart from no tail is a nice Size 3 59 Patt so well happy.


At the same time I bid on what was described as an army bag,looked like a German Bread Bag and at the price even if it turned out to be a Post War DDR one,at the price would have been happy-just arrived and its an original WW2 German HJ Bread Bag complete with its nice and clear RbNr stamps:nut::nut::nut:

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On 3/12/2021 at 11:00 PM, John Morgan said:

Imagine a world in which a dealer sources original kit and sells it honestly without being sniped at? No, neither can I! 

Regards, John Morgan Director Hogspear Ltd 

I'm struggling to see the originality in this piece of kit. It bears no resemblance to any of the known patterns and is identical to the dozens of aged fake trench clubs with various dates and regimental markings churned out by the Delville Wood fake factory, with which knowledgable collectors of WW1 British militaria are well acquainted.

I assume this is an honest mistake and that the listing will now be ended while the dubious provenance is investigated.


Hogspear club head.JPG

Hogspear club listing.JPG

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