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Panzers in captivity

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Valentine gun tank in NW Europe, that's interesting.....


As the Valentine has the Allied star on it, it would seem that it is in fact in NW Europe. Apparently a few were used as command vehicles for units equipped with Archer, so it fits in with the previous clip of an Archer in action. The E100 is I am sure, as found at the Works, seem to recollect reading about this in Wheels & Tracks years ago and my guess is that the wooden railings around it were for a camouflage net to hide it.

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This E100 is seen at the Henschel test facility called Haustenbeck in Northern Germany.


Its the same facility that Bovington got their Jagdtiger and Porsche turreted Tiger II from, along with this E100 and a 17cm "Grille" self propelled artillery gun and another Tiger I, the last three long since scrapped.


The shot up Tiger I is not the same as the one mentioned above.


A second Tiger II found here went to Sweden as a gift and now, I believe, only the gearbox exists.


cheers paul

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Yes absolutely so, for the Tiger II, my mistake, .


the Panther also taken to Sweden from France (as mentioned in the article) was originally a Befehlpanzer of Stab / SSPzRgt 2, its tactical number was 99, the other two Befehl Panther in the Stab of SSPzRgt 2 were 97 and 98.


As the article said the Panther is now in Munsterlager painted as a Befehl Panzer of the Pz Lehr Division. And the captured Panther in the above film, #232, is also from Pz Lehr division.


cheers PAUL

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