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HMVF UK member meets HMVF CANADA members

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Most of us here have an area of main interest or knowledge. Many people give their knowledge freely and we become familiar with certain folks because of the amount of back and forth that there is.


Man of you will recognise the forum name Sirhc who is in fact better known as Chris McMillan.


Recently during an email exchange it was revealed that he would be coming to the US of A for a work trip. After some suggestion Chris decided to make a slight detour and make the trip a few miles north and also visit Canada.


Al Duffy and myself both being well involved with CVR(T)s arranged to meet him and try as best as the dismal autumn weather would allow to show him around this past Saturday.


I collected Chris from his hotel and drove him out to Oshawa and the home of the Ontario Regiment Museum and the Ferret Club.


Saturdays are a work day for the volunteers there and he was made (i hope) to feel welcome by those whom he met. I trailed along behind trying to get pictures of him but Chris moves quite quickly and the space is limited inside. Chris was shown through an M577 command vehicle by Frank Von Rosensteil who was in the process of kitting it out with radios.


Dave Mountenay, a long time member of the museum and former regiment member showed Chris through the AVGP Cougar which is the 6 X 6 vehicle fitted with the Scorpion turret and the 76mm gun. Dave then took us on a tour of a number of the buildings in which the museum shoe horns its vehicles to get them out of the weather and the elements during the winter.


I have shown some pictures as best as I can of his visit.


It was a delight to finally meet Chris after a good number of years of email traffic. Al Duffy sadly was delayed because of a family commitment but eventually we made it over later in the afternoon to his house and saw his CVR(T) collection which includes Strikers and Sabre and Scorpion and soon to be augmented with a Spartan to name but a few vehicles.


After a long supper out and a beer I returned Chris to his hotel at the end of the day.


It was a real pleasure to entertain a fellow forum member and show him around for a few brief hours.


The pictures show:-


Dave Mountenay explaining the intricacies of the Detroit Diesel 6V53 engine for an AVGP or Lynx in its shipping can.


Chris talking with new HMVF member Malcolm as he works on the Sexton


Chris posing in front of the Lynx


Chris posing in front of the M135 Cdn otherwise known as a deuce and a half truck


Come back soon Chris!



Chris M 1.jpg

Chris M 2.jpg

Chris M 3.jpg

Chris M 5.jpg

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That's a fantastic story Robin and thanks for sharing - looks like Chris is at home there. And it's wonderful that HMVF has allowed us all to make friendships around the world!!!


I was talking with a guy once at a show - he was taking boys stuff (tanks and stuff) and I was talking mens stuff (GMC's) and he said I should join a great forum called HMVF:blush: I said I would indeed check it is out. We have been friends for years now :-D

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Thanks again for taking the time out to show me around. I hope you and Al both make it to the UK at some point so I can return the favour!


Anyone else who is visiting Toronto, or getting close like I did should try and get to the museum, they have an impressive collection of vehicles you won't see in the UK.



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