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MORRIS COMMERCIAL - restoration project

Florian Geyer

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Hi everyone,

I was just passing by to let you all know that soon I'll be having some more time to lay my hands on the Morris again. As seen on the pictures above, meanwhile Guy has taken very good care of mine and his Morris. 

As he told earlier, it would be great to have both vehicles rolling again side by side in the near future. They might be ready by the 2019 Normandy landings commemoration but I can't promise since most of the work depends on the available time Guy has. I am so, so grateful for what he did so far. I have to confess that I am, by far, not such a technician as he is and so I leave most of the work done by him.

Anyway, we'll bring them back to the UK one day for a visit to their home-country when we head for the War and Peace show some year, which one I skipped this year...

Kind regards to all of you!

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Before this Morris ends up being painted green, can you tell me the year of manufacture, as for a fairly long period of WW2 circa early 1942 to late 1943 / early 1944 vehicles were painted with a base coat of SCC.2 brown, typically overwhich a black or dark brown 'micky mouse ear' camo paint scheme was painted.

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Original colour will be a problem on this vehicle, past throw so many hands and is for from original.

The two vehicles that I am working on have seen a lot of modifications and on this one there is some very clear green base colour ( to bright to use in military service)

So I presume the bright green was a base coat .


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Good Morning Florian.

Please find attached details of a good engine man in 2221 Booischot. I have received permission to pass on his details.

Marc Wouters, marc@pm-enginerepair.be. Good luck with the project, tell him mad Mick from the Isle of Man gave you his details.

Cheers Mick

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