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Austin Gipsy Restoration


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Latest project has arrived. Bought it off of someone who has done a lot of the major welding but as you can see there is still a lot to do. Its an ex home office, hard-top, SWB petrol and did run several years back apart from one valve.



Anyway heres a few pictures:








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My Gipsy, which was 1968 leaf sprung version, the green was slightly darker than LRO 1. .


hi l have the original austin spec reports and photographs for the austin gypsy in paint specification it states the external

finish shall be deep bronze green BS 6224 does this help




Many thanks to you both! means I can start getting some paint and make a start on getting some bits done.


From what I have seen in some photographs the hard top is all green and so is the engine, rad and air filter black and the dash is white or cream. Is this right?



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Hi Scott, are you going to make it up to the 2014 Rally? you and your dad have been missing the past couple...:D


Maybe Steve, I know we've been a bit lax recently however this has mainly been down to other clashes. Where is it in 2014? I'll get onto my dad :D.


Sorry for hijacking the thread! Looking forward to more pictures.

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Mine had a green dashboard. First car I ever owned, was a right ******* pillock to get rid of it! Now I have to put up with Land Rover C*ap! Second best all the way round.:cry: Did you know you can front wheel drive only on a Gipsy? Not on the plate but in the drivers handbook.

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Its been a while since I last posted anything on this thread and I didn't want to start the Gipsy till I finished the BSA but more dead ends with that so decided to get some work done of some of the Gipsy bits.


Nothing special just stripped and primed some odd bits ready for painting.





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Been getting a lot done over the past few days or so.


Rubbed the body down and gave a coat of primer. Then managed to get the body off on my own using an engine crane which took rather a long time and several attempts but means I can get on with engine, chassis and underside of the body. This afternoon I started chipping off underseal which is another long process.


Lots of small jobs have been done over previous weeks such as master cylinders, bonnet and other small parts









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Again I still haven't had the chance to properly update this in time with the work being done. I was in a bit of a rush to get the engine out before W&P as I have now started working and therefore have less time. Anyway bottom of the body has been primed and painted in black but some areas need to be redone. Wiring was removed and other attached bits to the engine. I then managed to crane the engine out. Just need to remove the clutch to fit it onto the engine stand.


Edit: forgot to add I had the opportunity to drive a Gipsy at W&P so that has motivated me further


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They certainly seem good to drive but it may still be a while before I drive this one. I am currently putting together a long list of bits I need so will be getting in touch with Gipsy Spares or a similar parts supplier shortly but currently need to regain funds.

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This afternoons task was to sort the stuck valve.

Removed rockers and head, then tapped the valve back, then removed the valve and cleaned it before replacing it and the head with the new head gasket. Also adjusted the valve gaps to the correct gap.

A long afternoon of work but worth it hopefully!








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