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Does anyone recognise this switch panel?

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I think the ammeter being shown is for registering the amount of current being taken from, or put into the battery. When current is being supplied to any of the electrical components by the battery, the ammeter needle moves from zero in the centre along the scale on the side marked discharge.


When the Dynamo is revolving fast enough to close the cut out points, the needle will move back towards zero and then along the scale on the side marked charge, since the current from thr dynamo goes through the ammeter in the opposite direction to the current from the battery.


With no electrical components switched on, except the ignition, the max charge will be about 8 - 10 amps.

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Well done Wally. Thanks a million! I acquired it and another broken one with some other stuff from a garage clear out. At least I can offer it as a pre war switch panel.

Ken. Looks like your memory is not failing you!

Best regards Ron

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