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Can anyone help me identify my ferret?

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Hi all,


I have recently acquired another FSC however, the reg has been sanded off and the brass data plate removed from inside, there is a engine capsule with lots of information on, but that didn't state the REG of the vehicle


the chassis plate is 1377 - 4 - 58


engine number is: 14898


It is a turreted ferret, and has been DBG, nato green, green/sand camo and white.


What are the chances that it has served in Cyprus?


If anyone has an idea what the reg may be, or has any info on this ferret, I would love to hear from you.

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The engine number won't help you as far as I am aware it isn't recorded as being with a particular FSC.


Hull number if your lucky Matt might have some of the numbers surrounding that hull number. Even if Matt has a number near that it will not pin down a registration as the hull numbers and vehicle registrations r out of sequence compared to the first couple of contracts issued by the MOD.


Even the Tank Museum will not be able to help you as they search under the registration number and the hull number isn't recorded.

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