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RAF Tengah - Singapore

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Hands up all those who had the Airfix RAF Emergency kit when they were kids, the one that contained an ambulance and a crash tender based on the Austin K6 chassis.


I seem to remember having several, the 6 wheeled Austin chassis lent itself well to adaption to other "invented" models.


So to prove airfix had based their model on a vehicle that had served, even if these are on a different chassis.


Fire Truck 2.jpg


Fire Truck 3.jpg


Fire Truck Filling.jpg


Fire Truck Rears.jpg


Fire Truck Water Cannon.jpg


Fire Truck Water Cannon and Bloke.jpg

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Ahh the Airfix kit, yes pity about the chassis, The RAF ( & RN ) version in your Dad's pictures is a Fordson WOT1A/1 with a specially modified cab for a crew of 5. When civil aviation restarted after WW2 a number of different types of crash trucks were transferrede from the RAF to the civil ministry. The version on the Austin chassis was used by the Ministry of Civil Aviation and they were procured to replace supplement the ex RAF stock, The type was known as the 1945 monitor type, 300 gal water plus 100 foam all in that one big tank which had 2 compartments. Both the RAF, RN & MCA ones were by Airfoam Ltd,


The K6 by Pyrene in the advert were the next buy by the ministry , again to supplement and to replace some of the older ex RAF stock being used at the MCA aerodromes. ;

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zero- Five-two - I was sent a picture earlier today  of No 45 light Bomber squadron - Singapore 1950 - this is a picture of my late father Phillip John Jones (he died in 1973 aged 42-when I was 11) - I don't really know a lot about his time out there - but in the picture it looks like there is  Sgt A Smith  - wondered if this was your father?..im struggling trying to attach the picture to this post - he came from Crayford....

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Unfortunately I haven't got any more information, only what you can see in the pictures.  I remember my Father telling various stories about his time in service, when I was really young, but nothing to remember any details, so sorry I can not help.  It'll be a fascinating book when it is done

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