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post war sales catalogues

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as this is the first try on the new format

I have been asked to repost  this page from February 1947 sale at BYRAM PARK the vehicle in question is now owned by a forum member

Hi all, I got another bunch of sales catalogs in, mostly from the 60's and 70's will go through them this winter, and see what interesting stuff there may be. Cheers, Lex

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Several years ago I asked if anyone had a 1974 Ruddington Catalogue to hand that they may be able to find one of my vehicles in? At the time it drew it blank, so I am asking again in the hope that a catalogue has now surfaced?

Land Rover 90EL37 was cast for disposal on 8th June 1974 to Ruddington. If the catalogue is still not available, can anyone confirm the likely sale date and auction catalogue number?

My other two Land Rovers were disposed of a little later. British Car Auctions in Tunbridge Wells in 1984 and the other was Struck off charge at Supply Depot Viersen, BAOR on 24th April 1980. Does anyone know if those disposal sites would have catalogues?

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Probably not, with my new laptop I cannot use my old scanner anymore! but I can take a picture, send me the details again please.

Sorry, Lex

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Well, end of first day sale, there were more the next day, but my experience in (French Military sales) is that the prices go up at the end of the sale, not down.



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