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Inside the turret of a King Tiger


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Is it the one that came from Shrivenham, or the one that has always been at Bovi?


Tim (too)



Hi Tim.


I think it is the one that has always been there.......but Hardy Pig Ferret Landrover will know the answer to that for sure!

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On the Army Rumour Service Royal Armoured Corps forum is a thread (or two) about Bovington and the RAC Junior Leaders Regiment.


I only ever did a six-week Control Signaller course there, though we occasionally popped in whilst firing the Scorpions at nearby Lulworth Ranges, so I don't tend to read about the JLR.


However, one post I did catch on one of these threads was from an ex-Boy Brat - sorry Junior Bleeder - sorry Leader - who stated that the King Tiger has an escape hatch in the floor and that it wasn't unheard of for JLs on guard duty in the Museum so slip under the King Tiger and kip inside for the duration of their stag.


So next time you're in Bovvy and you want to have a look around inside the King Tiger (and if you haven't piled on the pounds the way I have), just slip around the back, slip underneath and you're in.

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