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Can anyone ID this? It's two foot long exactly. If you look in the centre circular glass you can see left or right. Not left and right. The two knobe are for focusing, Left knob, left focus. Right knob, right focus. It has the British arrow mark, and stamped on it is. TEL. DRILL. No 3. MK1. 1943. No 809. It's made entirely of Brass. I aquired it but aint got a clue what it is. Intrigued or what?






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I don't have a clue but I do have some thoughts.


I don't believe the word DRILL implies spiralling through earth / metal, etc, but may refer to, "it isn't a real one: it's for testing your usage drills". Like drill ammunition.


My first instinct was as a stereoscopic range-finding telescope as usually seen in the hands of Wehrmacht field gun NCOs. Would explain "TEL DRILL".


But I struggle to see how you might use one for drill purposes, unless maybe it's a classroom module and maybe allows a lesson to be run in the classroom where focussing the telescope at, say, ten feet, functions as if the student were in the field and focussing at 1000 yards.


But don't quote me.


Edit Then I searched for Telescope Drill Number 3 and was taken straight to the IWM and a Telescope Drill Number 3 Mark 1.




Unfortunately an issue between Google Chrome and the RHEL Linux 64bit I use on this machine does not allow me to view the page. I am sure somebody will enlighten us.

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