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1/24th Scale FV432 kit from KFS

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Af'noon all.

Just posted some pictures up of the 2nd test build of the latest addition to the Classic British series. Please feel free to have a shuftie....its right at the top of the Military Range page on www.kitformservices.com http://www.kitformservices.com/standard.html


Would also like to say this model was only made possible with the help & co-operation of many members of this forum who offered information, photos & guidance. Thanks again gents.


I've tried to offer as much in the kit as possible without having loads of unused parts left over, & I think any variations not covered should be an easy scratch build task for most decent modellers. (i.e the alternative Chieftain stowage bin)


Further adaptations in the pipe are the Wombat role version, 432/30 Rarden turret, Peak turret, possibly 438 & next year the 434 for definate (providing sales of the APC are up to the mark).


Hope it meets with the approval of the collective.:thanx:


Howard @ KFS

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How wonderful is that? Fantastic bit of work. I am a sucker for models, although I stopped making them a long time ago, I love to see them in this way, showing all the phases and the effort in design and construction. Congratulations. Outstanding.



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