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I had this in an email from my colleague Simon Thomson regarding a stolen jeep. I place it here in good faith.








STOLEN JEEP - Calling all M/V IMPS - MVT - MVPA - detectives - Spread the word -




STOLEN JEEP (95% restored)




Willys - Nov 1944 - Chassis No. 390342, Body/tub No.152906




Had set of modern rear springs - sat inches higher -


Split rims with radial tyres - set of Hotchkiss wheels with bar grips also stolen -


bumperets had numerous holes drilled in - bonnet had reinforced strips added.


Stolen from north Kent area. No canvas or bows.




Its out there guys - lets find it - it must be offered for sale somewhere -




Any info to - Fred Astbury - 07789173823, or Nick Cowles - (Weald Area) or call 999.




PLEASE forward to others in the M/V Jeep world.




Not good news -









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Oh man that's sad news :(

C'mon everyone lets find this jeep.

Snaps stick it on FB I've got MV friends not members of this forum (yeah I know Jack!!!!) We can 'share' it with our 'friends'

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