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If the frame is original and not supplied as a later spare part then it was delivered under S6680, the last wartime contract of 8000 machines scheduled for delivery at 1200 per month commencing January 1945. It would definitely have been finished in 'British Olive Drab' which was a shade off the US colour but intended to be compatible with US vehicles serving alongside.

In fact, due to the ending of the war in the Far East, production was curtailed at 5200 machines (at TL48617).

CR 26 S6680 R.JPG

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Hi Tony .

Must admit to being a bit confused you  indicated that the frame number was TL46008 and initially that the date under the seat was 1944 ....it's really useful to have photos of Frame and engine numbers etc as it's not uncommon for these to have been changed over the bikes life as you can see if you look at other threads on the forum . 

The frame number correlates.to a contract in 1944 but the frame if dated 07 45 would not match with that date unless it's a replacement frame ? So we have 2 potential contract dates for the frame 44 or 45 and a potentially a 3rd different contract date for the engine .

The petrol tank appears to have the features of a triumph 3sw which could be potentially from a much earlier. Wartime bike ..

Would it be ok if we got some more photos to help you understand the bikes composition

Chris AKA Jenkinov



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Is it me, or is that frame number actually TL 46508? Engine number is interesting, reading as 3HW 56508. Am I right in thinking that would be the original engine for the frame if I’m reading that frame number correctly? Also, did anyone else notice the spurious 7 stamped above the 0 on the engine number? Wonder what happened there? Someone in a hurry to get to the NAAFI wagon for their tea and bun?

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I've never seen a  stamping on a post 1940 Triumph frame like that on Tony's. I expect if you clean off the paint, there will be evidence of grinding/filing and maybe signs of the original number like on the engine.

Here are  my two post 1940 Triumph frame numbers.  Ron 

3HW 098.jpg


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Edited as I got confused over the numbers!!
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For added information about the WD Triumph frame numbers. From pre war the frame number was stamped around the top rim of the headstock, and often repeated on the lug under the saddle.  But from mid 1940 onwards, somewhere between frame numbers TL 17457 and TL 19652 it was moved to the left hand side of the headstock. 

Here is a better shot of my 5SW and my earlier 3SW.


3SW 004 (2).jpg

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